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Ghana is one of the most widely visited countries in West Africa. With its fascinating natural sites and rich culture, it attracts many tourists. If you want to visit this picturesque country, you can book cheap flights to Ghana with Emenac Travel.

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A relaxing holiday is a must-have at least once a year. The whole planning of your holiday is dependent on the budget. So, if you want to visit Ghana this year but think your budget is limited. Start looking for cheap flights to Ghana with us. Emenac Travel can help you go to your dream destination while you are strictly on a budget. We have various cost-effective price options for you if you want to travel from London to Ghana.

Ghana is a dream holiday destination for many people because of its diverse animal life, rich and stunning forests, and exceptional sandy beaches. This country is packed with everything that you could think of to enjoy while on a relaxing holiday. Moreover, if you are fascinated by history, you will want to experience this country's rich history. Not to mention its exceptional local culture that leaves everyone stunned.

This explains why Ghana is a dream-come-true holiday destination for many people. Take your time and plan this holiday as soon as possible. This beautiful country will not disappoint you. It may become your favourite destination worldwide. We can get you the cheapest ticket to Ghana, and you can set on the journey for a memorable trip in no time.

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About Flying to Ghana

Once you have planned a holiday, you will want to start packing and leave as soon as possible. The excitement of leaving overpowers every other worry that you might have. With Emenac Travel, you will not have to worry about anything relating to flying to Ghana. Contact us and browse cheap flights to Ghana from various comfortable and reliable airlines.

We aim to help you find low-cost travel to your much-anticipated holiday country. Whether you go to Ghana for its beautiful scenery or rich cultural heritage, plan it now with us. Everyone wants to spend their money wisely on a life-altering holiday. We will try our best to get you the cheapest flight to Ghana from London. Therefore, you will not have to wait longer to experience this picturesque country and enjoy the trip within your budget.

How can someone resist visiting Ghana if the flight is so affordable? No one could. Stop thinking too much and contact our experts now to discuss your budget. We hope to get you an exceptionally affordable offer that will be the last push you need to divulge yourself in a memorable holiday this year. Being a reliable travel agency in the UK, we take pride in offering the most affordable flights for our loyal customers.

Is Ghana Good Enough for a Holiday?

Ghana is a majestic country with various landscapes, tourist destinations, and exceptional culture, making tourists fall in love with it. The cheerful people of Ghana will make you feel at home while you are there. This rapidly developing country is fascinating enough to attract a massive number of tourists in every holiday season. So, even if Ghana was missing from your holiday list, it is time to add it. Especially if you love animals, the diverse animal life might catch your attention.

Being one of the premier holiday destinations of Africa, Ghana holds a great position in its tourists’ hearts. Even though it is an incredible company rich in nature, it is still recognised worldwide for its history, culture, and people. Therefore, if you are looking for a relaxing time with some good-hearted and warm strangers, Ghana is your place to be. You will also become familiar with its unique culture and study the country’s exciting history.

Have you decided to visit Ghana this year? If so, book cheap flights to Ghana now. We at Emenac Travel can assist you in booking cheap tickets to Ghana so that you can have an affordable holiday. We are trusted by people all over the UK because we offer the best flights at the cheapest rates possible. Stop overthinking your decision; Ghana's stunning beauty and friendly faces are calling for you.

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Ideal Time to Visit Ghana

Ghana’s climate is divided into two different seasons; one is the dry season and the other one is the wet season. The perfect time to go on holiday in Ghana is from October to March, also called the dry season. Even though Ghana has perfectly built roads, a holiday during the wet season is not recommended because travelling can be a little unpleasant.

October to March is the ideal temperature you might get in the country. There is lesser humidity, and the weather becomes much cooler, making the overall weather much more pleasant. You can avoid the sticky and humid summers by visiting the country during these months.

Moreover, it is also recommended to wait to visit the country in December. The reason behind this is Harmattan (the Saharan Wind), which causes dry skin and dusty, hazy weather. Book cheap flights to Ghana now and enjoy its mild weather in the dry season.

Airlines Offering Flights to Ghana from the UK

If you want to catch a flight to Ghana, here are some airlines that offer flights from the UK to Ghana;

You can travel from London Heathrow Airport to Ghana through British Airways. While KLM also offers flights from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and London City Airport (LCY) in connection with the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) to Kotoka International Airport. American Airlines is known for providing frequent flights from London to Accra.

Ghana’s International Airports

Some of the biggest international airports in Ghana include Kotoka International Airport (Accra City), Takoradi Airport (Sekondi-Takoradi City), Kumasi Airport (Kumasi City), Sunyani Airport (Sunyani City), and Tamale Airport (Tamale City). These airports conduct various international flights from the country worldwide. You might land at any of these airports while travelling from London to Ghana.

Does Emenac Travel Offer Last-Minute Flights From the UK to Ghana?

Emenac Travel is a trusted travel agency that provides the cheapest plane fares for UK people. We aim to make travelling easier for you so you can travel worldwide. Ghana is the type of picture-perfect country that all of us want to go to.

If you have made a sudden plan to visit this beautiful country, it is time that you start looking for cheap flights to Ghana. The problem is that last-minute flights can cost more, so you must trust us to provide you with the best deal.

We ensure our loyal customers get the most cost-effective flights, even if they are last-minute. Even though we recommend you tell us about your plans several months before to get the cheapest flights, we can arrange some last-minute flights for you too.

Flights Duration from London to Ghana

The average flight from London to Accra is approximately 6 hours and 37 minutes. This time duration might vary, considering the weather conditions or other factors. Moreover, it can also be different depending on the airport you are landing in and the distance of your hotel from there.

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Do you want a cheap ticket to Ghana? You might not be able to resist visiting this stunning country anymore. So, start looking for flights to Ghana from London. Leave all your flight booking matters to Emenac Travel’s expert agents. We at Emenac Travel aim to provide our customers with the cheapest flights to their favourite destinations.

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1. What is the cheapest month to fly to Ghana?

Visiting Ghana in the peak months when the weather is ideal might be a little too expensive. Most tourists visit the country in November, December, and January. Therefore, if you want to keep the visit cheap and on budget, you can plan the visit for February. The weather in February is pleasant too so you will surely have a good time.

2. Is Ghana a good tourist destination?

Ghana means “warrior king” and is one of the most visited countries in West Africa. Along with its rich culture and history, Ghana is most famous among tourists because of its heart-warming people. The country has many tourist attractions, including wildlife sanctuaries, natural, historical and cultural sites, stunning museums, and high waterfalls with a serene environment.

3. What is the time difference between the UK and Ghana?

You might be surprised to know that there is no time difference between the UK and Ghana.

4. Is there public transportation in Ghana?

People in Ghana use buses quite frequently. Ghana’s State Transport Corporation (STC) manages public transportation. It is not only cost-effective but also secure and reliable. Even if it is your first time in the country, you will not have to face any inconvenience while using public transportation. They are perfect for both long and short journeys because they are comfortable.