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Kenya offers the best African safaris and the most spectacular sceneries. It enables its tourists to have unique cultural encounters and a peaceful time. Therefore, if you love stunning beaches and iconic safaris, it is time that you start planning your trip to Kenya. Emenac Travel is a reliable company with years of experience providing the most cost-effective flight fares. So, if you want cheap flights to Kenya, we can get you the most budget-friendly flights.

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Get the Most Affordable Flights to Kenya from the UK

We all deserve to go on holiday every season. The intense drill of work and hectic routines frustrate you, and the only thing to get you back on track is a peaceful time. Thus, nothing can be more relaxing than visiting your dream destination. Who doesn't want to travel the world? It is all about doing it within the budget so you can explore more. If you want to fly to Kenya this season, we can help you make your journey the most affordable.

Emenac Travel helps you spend some budget-friendly, memorable time at your dream destination. Whether you are going to Kenya for a work trip or holiday, affordable flight fare can make a big difference. We can help you get cheap flights to Kenya, so you don't have to worry about your journey any more. Therefore, leave all your flight booking worries to us. Our experts have great experience and can take care of the process. It is time that you book cheap tickets to Kenya and enjoy the unique safaris that it offers.

What makes Kenya so Special?

Kenya is the best safari destination in the world, with diverse wildlife. Kenya has everything from lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffalos. The country has approximately 50 National Parks and reserves inhabited by the above-mentioned species.

Moreover, it has an incredible shift of landscapes as you keep on travelling in the country, which makes the journey worth a while. You usually start from Great Rift Valley, experiencing its vibrancy, then the Amboseli National Park, and at the end, the glorious Indian Ocean.

Kenya is full of surprises for its tourists. Whether you want a lazy sun-soaking beach day or an adventurous day on an African safari, you can do it all in this destination. Maasai people and culture are also why tourists visit Kenya for their safari destination. Moreover, these people have lived in Kenya for centuries and have integrated their traditions and culture. Dressed in bright red clothes and dancing their hearts out to their traditional music, these welcoming people intrigue many tourists.

When visiting Kenya, you cannot miss out on Matatus. It is a public transport system that is as Kenyan as possible. Also, in the capital city of Kenya named, Nairobi, you will see stunningly decorated buses with graffiti. This graffiti and doodles represent Kenya’s distinct culture.

How Can You Get Cheap Flights to Kenya?

A Kenyan safari is more expensive than other African safaris because of the country's developed tourism. But you can still don’t have to spend too much on the journey. Moreover, you can also make your stay in the country affordable by considering various options. You can easily get different hotel options and accommodations in your budget, along with cheap street food. Now let's focus on how you can get cheap flights to Kenya.

If you want to travel to Kenya from the UK, here are the best ways to get the most cost-effective flights.

1. Compare Flights

The ideal way to get cheaper flight fares is by considering your flight options. You can see if direct or indirect flights would be better for you. Usually, indirect or multi-stop flights to Kenya are more cost-effective than direct flights. The best way to get flight alerts for your planned dates is by contacting a reliable travel agency. Therefore, start comparing flights months ago to get the cheapest deal.

2. Avoid High-Demand Season

If you want to travel on a budget, keeping your journey timing flexible is necessary. Flight fares are usually higher during the high-demand seasons. Kenya's most frequently visited months are July, August, September, and October. Many tourists go to Kenya for Masai Mara, which is a year-round destination. You can easily get good deals for it any time of the year if you keep on exploring. Moreover, you must plan the journey in January, February, or March to confirm cheaper tickets.

3. Book Your Flight a Month Before

To get the cheapest flights to Kenya from London, you must book them almost a month before departure. You will not have to worry about the flight booking process by trusting a good travel agency.

How Can You Fly from the UK to Kenya?

There are many airlines offering flights from the UK to Kenya. You can choose from the following airlines for a comfortable and reliable journey.

Moreover, you can book a flight with British Airways or Kenya Airways if you want to fly directly. And if you are looking for indirect flights with one or more stops, there are a lot of other airlines.

International Airports in Kenya

Here is a list of some of the international airports in Kenya;

  1. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
  2. Isiolo International Airport
  3. Moi International Airport
  4. Wilson Airport
  5. Eldoret International Airport
  6. Nakuru City International Airport
  7. Lokichogio Airport
  8. Wajir Airport
  9. Kisumu Airport
  10. Diani Airport

Contact Emenac Travel for Kenya Flights from the UK

Do you want affordable flights from the UK to Kenya? We can surely help you with that. Our experts always browse the industry to provide the ideal flight fares. We aim to help you achieve your dreams in the best destinations. Everyone should get a chance to travel around the world even if their budget is tight. Therefore, we are here to help UK citizens with the cheapest international flight options.

So, if you want cheap flights to Kenya to experience its exceptional safari and warm sandy beaches, book your tickets now. Our vigilant team can provide all the information you need concerning the flights on your suggested dates. You only have to contact us; we will cover everything for you.


How many days must you spend in Kenya?

Kenya is full of diversity, both in its landscapes and its culture. So, to have a full Kenyan experience, you must stay at least 2 weeks in the country. You can also stay for more time as it will give you more time to explore unexplored things.

Are Kenyan Safaris worth it?

The safaris in Kenya are declared the best ones in the whole continent. Therefore, there is no denying that Kenyan safaris are worth visiting. You will witness the Big Five of the wildlife and the Great Wildebeest Migration.

What is the perfect time to travel to Kenya?

Most people visit Kenya in low to no rainfall season. Therefore, January and February are ideal for you to see the animals. But the perfect time to go to the country is from June to October because of the annual wild beast migration. Also, there is heavy rainfall in March, April, and May, so only a few people visit Kenya during these months. It is also the major reason flight fares are cheaper these months.

Is Kenya visa-free for British passport holders?

British passport holders must have a visa to travel to Kenya.

What is illegal to take to Kenya?

Some prohibited items that you cannot take to Kenya with you include;

  • Plant and plant products
  • Knives
  • Hunting weapons
  • Meat and meat-based products

What places in Kenya are the most visited tourist destinations?

Here are some of the most visited tourist destinations in Kenya;

  1. Nairobi
  2. Amboseli National Park
  3. Lamu
  4. Mount Kenya National Park
  5. Mombasa

Where do I find local currency at the airport in Kenya?

You can easily find local currency at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. There is a back at the arrivals hall that provides these services.

Is Kenya a friendly country?

The people of Kenya are very friendly, like most other African people. Moreover, they are highly welcoming and have unique cultures and traditions.