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Welcome to Zimbabwe! It's a beautiful place in Africa, filled with nature and rich culture. People who love history, wildlife, and exciting adventures will love it here. So, prepare for a journey in a country that represents the true spirit of Africa.

By booking your cheap flights to Zimbabwe and gathering your belongings, you may be ready for an unforgettable journey. At Emenac Travel, we recognise that when it comes to thinking about your next holiday, planning is the exciting part. Making memories involves choosing your target, looking for airfare, and discovering fun pursuits. Utilising Emenac Travel to organise your flight to Zimbabwe from the UK will give you many opportunities to customise your adventure.

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Have you been spending hours comparing flights from different airlines and still haven't found one that matches your budget and schedule? Well, then, let us simplify it for you. You will be able to find the perfect flight in just a few minutes!

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Firstly, choose between one-way, return and multiple-city flights. The most affordable option among all these is to choose a return flight. It will almost always be cheaper than two separate one-way tickets to Zimbabwe.

Next, you need to decide whether you want a direct or connecting flight. Connecting flights may not be as convenient and efficient as direct flights. But they surely are much more affordable.

Now comes the main information you need to enter. Your departing location and destination. Since the most competitive airport in the UK is Heathrow, you are most likely to get cheap flights to Zimbabwe from London. Similarly, Harare International Airport in Zimbabwe may be the most affordable destination. But always remember to compare different airports for the best deals.

Your travel dates should be during the off-peak season, and it's best to fly mid-week for affordability.

Lastly, choose your preferred flight class. You can choose Economy up to First Class, depending on your budget. Also, if you have any specific airlines you want to fly with, you can choose that too. But we suggest being open to all airlines to get the best rates.

And now, all you need to do is click "Search". Our search engine will display a variety of flights to Zimbabwe from the UK that fit your budget and schedule.

About Flying to Zimbabwe

Whether you want to fly somewhere remote or to the major city of the country, Harare, we can help you find cheap flights to Zimbabwe from London or elsewhere in the UK. Emenac Travel will help you find the ideal destination. We're dedicated to assisting you in finding low-cost travel to this country. We understand that you would prefer to use your hard-earned money to visit the sights rather than spend on air tickets to Zimbabwe.

In order to make your travel plans within your means, we provide you with affordable one-way and round-trip UK to Zimbabwe flights. When flying to Zimbabwe, indulge in the local culture by sampling the local cuisine and seeing the cultural attractions. Visit Victoria Falls, Harare, or Bulawayo if you want to discover even more of this area.

Make it a point to explore the well-known sites if you choose to travel to this country. You're there to soak in the views of the most scenic locales. It is simple to understand why so many tourists from all walks of life are drawn to this alluring location.

Airlines for Flights to Zimbabwe From the UK

  • Emirates through Dubai
  • Qatar Airlines through Doha
  • Ethiopian Airlines through Addis Abeba
  • South African Airways through Johannesburg
  • British Airways through Johannesburg
  • RwandAir through Kigali
  • Kenya Airlines through Nairobi

Last Minute UK to Zimbabwe Flights

As the name implies, a last-minute flight ticket to Zimbabwe is for those who, for various reasons—sometimes on purpose, other times out of an emergency—decide to fly at the last minute.

During the holiday season, many residents and tourists go from the UK to Zimbabwe and return. Most of our loyal customers prefer to reserve their tickets to Zimbabwe at least four months in advance. We can definitely book a flight for you. But if you wait until a few days before your intended departure date, watch out for last-minute flight cancellations.

However, if you frequently travel during busy times of the year like Easter, summer holidays, or Christmas. We advise booking cheap flights from the UK to Zimbabwe in advance rather than waiting. Call one of our agents right away—time is of the essence!

We simplify the process of booking your journey by offering a large selection of airlines, airports, and travel times. You can find the flight you need here, whether it's a flight to a specific terminal or a red-eye excursion.

Popular Airlines for Flights From the UK to Zimbabwe

When travelling between the UK, Ireland, and Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwean community primarily favours Emirates, Qatar, Kenya Airways, and Ethiopian Airlines. Emirates, a five-star airline, offers the best in-flight entertainment system among all commercial airlines. It uses its flagship A380 aircraft for the first leg of its flights from the UK to Dubai.

And Dubai International Airport is convenient for a stopover to shop at its Duty-Free Shopping complex. On the other hand, Emirates trails behind other airlines in overall flight length. Taking about 19 hours for flights to Zimbabwe from London. When we talk about the shortest flight times, South African Airways is the most popular airline. Geographically, South Africa is closest to Zimbabwe; the two countries share a border in the north.

O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg is a regional hub for Africa. Hence it also has the fewest layovers. An additional draw is that travellers can choose to remain in Johannesburg. Lastly, Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways are advised for significantly less expensive tickets compared to all the other airlines.

On a Final Note

Zimbabwe is full of things to experience. It has a mix of old stories, traditions from long ago, and a lively and colourful culture. The people there are friendly and welcoming to visitors from everywhere. The natural beauty of the land is breathtaking, with wild landscapes. The historical places also have interesting stories to tell.

So, what's the wait for? Explore this exciting country with Emenac Travel! Our cheap tickets to Zimbabwe make it easier for you to experience the magic of this African country. Each step you take will reveal something new. Every moment will become a memory you can treasure forever.


Are there any direct flights to Zimbabwe from the UK?

Currently, there aren’t any direct flights to Zimbabwe from the UK.

How long are the UK to Zimbabwe flights?

London to Zimbabwe flights take 11 hours and 40 minutes with Ethiopian Airlines. This is the shortest possible flight time. And if you fly with South African Airlines or British Airways via Johannesburg, it takes a total of 12 hours and 50 minutes.

How many international airports does Zimbabwe have?

The primary commercial airport for the nation is Harare International Airport. The incredibly small international airports at Bulawayo and Victoria Falls are the next options for plane travel. They primarily receive planes arriving from within Africa.

What is the best time to visit Zimbabwe?

May through November is best for safari wildlife viewing. The rainy season (November to February) is best to see bird migrations from Guinea and participate in water sports along the Zambezi River. In order to experience Victoria Falls at its best, visitors should plan to go in May. The busiest months are September and October.

What is the time difference between Zimbabwe and the UK?

The time difference is 1 hour, with Zimbabwe being 1 hour ahead.

How much do return air tickets to Zimbabwe cost?

The cheapest flights to Zimbabwe from the UK start from as low as £425 with Emenac Travel.

What are some must-visit places in Zimbabwe?

  • Victoria Falls
  • Hwange National Park
  • Great Zimbabwe
  • Mana Pools National Park
  • Eastern Highlands
  • Matobo National Park
  • Lake Kariba
  • Chinhoyi Caves

What currency is used in Zimbabwe?

Both the US and Zimbabwean dollar are used in Zimbabwe.

Do I need a visa to fly to Zimbabwe?

Yes, British citizens require a visa to fly to Zimbabwe. But the good thing is that you can get a visa on arrival in Zimbabwe.