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London Gatwick

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About Air Transat

Started in 1987, Air Transat has become well-known as a top airline worldwide. People prefer it for its service, reliability, and commitment to passenger satisfaction. It's Canada's number-one airline for leisure travel and is proud to offer many different places to visit, smooth journeys, and good service. So, whether exploring cities in Canada, chilling on beaches in the Caribbean, or diving into Europe's culture, the airline has easy and affordable travel choices for everyone.

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Services on Air Transat Flights

Flying with Air Transat Canada isn't just about going from one place to another. It's about having a good time throughout your journey. They have excellent services for everyone, whether flying in Economy or treating yourself to the fancy Club Class.

Economy Class

In Economy Class on Air Transat, they ensure your flight is comfortable and fun from when the plane takes off until it lands. The seats are cosy, with plenty of room for your legs, so you'll feel nice and relaxed when you get to your destination. And when it comes to food, they've got you covered with tasty meals and snacks you can enjoy while you're up in the air. Moreover, no need to worry about being bored. That's because the airline has extensive in-flight entertainment to keep you busy. And if you feel like doing a little shopping, you can check out their duty-free store onboard, where you can find all kinds of cool stuff and save money.

Club Class

Air Transat's Club Class is the way to go if you want to travel the best way possible. They care for every little detail so you don't have to stress. Priority check-in and boarding allow you to enjoy a hassle-free process from the start. Once on board, you can sit in spacious, lie-flat seats, perfect for long flights. You can enjoy a gourmet menu and pre-select your meals paired with quality wines.

Air Transat Baggage Allowance

When you're getting ready to travel, you might stress about how much you can bring. But don't worry—packing your bags is easy when you fly with Air Transat.

Checked Baggage

Air Transat knows that travellers have different luggage needs. That's why they give you choices that fit your travel style. You usually get to bring some luggage for free, but it might differ based on your ticket type and where you're going. For passengers in Economy class, the Budget and Promo fares do not allow free checked baggage. However, the Standard and Flex fares allow one piece of 23 kg. Lastly, passengers travelling in Business class can carry two pieces of 23 kg each.

Carry-on Baggage

The Air Transat carry-on policy makes it easy to travel light. You can bring one bag on board and something personal, like a purse or laptop bag. That way, you can keep all your important stuff with you during your journey. The specific dimensions for the Air Transat cabin baggage are 23 x 40 x 51 cm. For the personal item, the dimensions must be at most 12.7 x 43.2 x 30.5 cm.

Air Transat Check-in Process

Starting your journey with Air Transat is smooth because they've simplified the check-in process. You can either check-in online or at the airport if you want. Either way, Air Transat has everything sorted out for you at every stage.

Online Check-in

Forget waiting in long lines. With the Air Transat online check-in, you can breeze through the airport hassle-free. You can do it anytime, anywhere, starting 24 hours before and ending 2 hours before your flight. To check-in and obtain your boarding card, go to the Air Transat website or app, enter your booking details, and then follow the instructions. And the best part? You can choose your seat beforehand for the perfect flight spot.

Airport Check-in

Air Transat has accessible airport check-in spots if you like doing things the old-fashioned way or need help with your travel plans. Just go to their check-in counters, where the staff will help you with the process and any extra assistance you need. Just remember that the check-in time starts 4 hours before and ends 60 minutes before departure.


What is the Air Transat Gatwick terminal?

The airline uses the North Terminal at Gatwick Airport.

Are there any direct Air Transat Glasgow to Toronto flights?

Yes, the airline operates direct flights between Glasgow and Toronto.

What is the Air Transat alliance?

The airline does not currently belong to any significant alliances.

Is there any Air Transat in-flight entertainment for children?

Yes, the airline offers kids content on their flights.

Are there any limitations on the types of animals allowed on Air Transat flights?

The airline only allows cats and dogs in the cabin. However, only one pet is allowed per person, and it is recommended that you book for them in advance.

Does Air Transat offer unaccompanied minor services?

Children between 8 and 11 can travel alone, with an adult in a different cabin. For these children, the airline offers an Unaccompanied Minor Service. It can also be utilised for children from 12 to 17.

Which kinds of aircraft are used by Air Transat?

The airline has a vast fleet of Airbus and Boeing.

What happens if Air Transat cancels or delays my flight?

If the delay in your flight exceeds three hours, you will be compensated in cash. The compensation increases with the length of the delay.