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London Heathrow

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London Heathrow

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About LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines is Poland's flag carrier and was founded in 1929. With a history of over nine decades, it has grown to be among the top airlines in Europe. It started with just a few old planes called Junkers F.13 and has now become an airline with a diverse and modern fleet. It has worked hard to earn its reputation and has won awards for outstanding service and commitment to passenger satisfaction.

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LOT Flights Travel Classes

LOT Polish Airlines understands everyone should have a great time when flying, regardless of budget. That's why they have multiple classes for various needs and tastes. Each seat is carefully made to ensure you feel comfortable during your flight.


If you like to take a comfortable flight without going over budget, consider flying Economy class on LOT flights. When you get on the plane, you'll find plenty of room to sit, tasty meals to enjoy during the flight, and different things to watch to keep you entertained. The staff will take good care of you, and the prices are fair. So, flying Economy Class with LOT makes your journey enjoyable and memorable.

Premium Economy

Want a more comfortable flight that won't cost you a ton? Check out the LOT Polish Airlines Premium Economy class. You get wider seats, more legroom, and nicer stuff without paying a fortune. Plus, you'll board the plane first, get free meals, and enjoy special perks to improve your experience.

Business Class

Lastly, experience the best of luxury travel with the LOT Polish Airlines Business Class. When you step onto the plane, you'll get top-notch comfort, personalised attention, and great amenities. Relax in your spacious seat that can turn into a bed, enjoy delicious meals made by top chefs, and access special lounges at the airport to relax before your flight. With perks like priority service and amenity kits, Business Class makes flying extra special and ensures you enjoy every part of your journey.

LOT Polish Airlines Check-in

Are you excited about your upcoming LOT flights? Before you go, let's make sure your check-in goes smoothly. Whether you like checking in online or at the airport, LOT will help you at every stage.


No more waiting in lines and hurrying at the airport, all thanks to LOT Polish Airlines' easy online check-in service. You can do it from home with just a few phone clicks. This way, you can pick your seat and easily obtain your boarding pass.

You can use online check-in from 36 hours before your flight until just 2 hours before it leaves. This means that you can get around the airport quickly and smoothly. It's great for people who want to make the most of their time and keep stress levels low on travel day.


If you like doing things face-to-face, LOT Polish Airlines makes checking in at airports easy. You can either use the kiosks or get assistance from the staff at the counters.

Whether you're checking in bags or want help picking your seat, their team is available to ensure it is easy and worry-free. At the airport, you can also ask questions or make special requests before you fly.

LOT Polish Airlines Baggage Policy

Knowing the LOT Polish Airlines baggage allowance is essential before flying. Whether going on a short visit or a faraway adventure, understanding how much luggage you can bring will help you have a smooth journey without any worries.

Checked Baggage

The airline's baggage allowance usually varies based on the length of the flight and the cabin class. But you can rest assured that the allowance is generous enough to pack all your essentials. Firstly, if your flight is short-haul, Economy class passengers can bring one piece of 23 kg. However, the Saver fare does not provide any checked baggage. Similarly, those on Business class short-haul flights can bring two pieces of 32 kg each. However, for mid-haul flights, the Economy allowance is the same, and the Premium Economy passengers can bring two pieces of 32 kg each. The general allowance for Economy and Premium Economy is the same for long-haul flights. However, Business class passengers are allowed three pieces of 32 kg each.

Carry-on Baggage

The carry-on allowance for LOT flights is also enough for you to keep your essentials nearby. For both short and mid-haul flights, the Economy class allowance is one piece of 8 kg. Two pieces of 9 kg each are allowed for Premium Economy and Business class. Lastly, the allowance for Economy class is the same for long-haul flights. However, Premium Economy and Business class is between 9 to 12 kg.


Is LOT Polish Airlines Premium Economy available on all routes?

The airline only offers Premium Economy on long-haul routes and flights to Dubai, Astana, Tashkent and Riyadh.

Is LOT Polish Airlines part of an alliance?

The airline is a part of Star Alliance, along with TAP Air Portugal, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways and others.

What terminal do LOT flights use at Heathrow?

It serves Terminal 2 at Heathrow.

Which locations are the most popular for LOT flights from the United Kingdom?

The top destinations from the UK include Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Prague, and New York City.

Can I take pets on my LOT flights?

You can carry pets onboard, including cats, dogs, or ferrets. However, the number of pets on a flight is limited, so booking them early is best.

What time should I get to the airport for my LOT flight?

The airline advises you to arrive at the airport three hours in advance.

What is LOT Polish Airlines' policy on travelling with infants or children?

You must fill out a special form if you travel with infants under seven days old. Moreover, children under 12 must travel with an adult of at least 16 years old.

What type of aircraft does LOT Polish Airlines operate?

Their fleet includes Boeing, Embraer, and Airbus.