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Best Way to Get Cheap Flights to Singapore

Singapore - Destination Overview

Singapore is one of the most diverse and exciting destinations in the world. What’s great is that you can easily find cheap flights to Singapore from the UK. With a reputation as one of the best places to eat and drink, Singapore is also home to some of the world's best beaches, shopping, and entertainment.

The food scene here is absolutely fantastic. You can find everything from street carts selling satay to Michelin-starred restaurants serving French cuisine. And if you're looking for a night out on the town, there are plenty of bars and clubs to choose from, and no shortage of live music venues either!

Airlines that fly to Singapore

If you're in the UK and looking for a cheap flight to Singapore, several airlines fly to Singapore from the UK.

Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is one of the most luxurious in the world, and if you have the money to splurge on a first-class ticket, you'll get a VIP experience that will make your trip feel like a holiday.

  • Virgin Atlantic

This airline offers nonstop flights from London Heathrow Airport to Singapore Changi Airport, Virgin Atlantic has some great amenities.

  • British Airways

British Airways offers flights from London Heathrow to Singapore Changi Airport and vice versa. Depending on what you need, you can take a one-way or round-trip flight.

  • Turkish Airlines

Offers direct flights from the United Kingdom to Singapore. In addition to spacious seating and delicious food, Turkish Airlines offers premium services that make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Things to know before visiting Singapore

  1. It's a foodie's paradise. The city has been named one of the top 20 food destinations in the world by National Geographic, so take advantage of some local delicacies!
  2. If you want an adrenaline rush from something other than food, there are plenty of ways to get your heart pumping in Singapore, including skydiving over the island!
  3. From visiting museums and art galleries to exploring nature trails around the city and beyond, there's something for everyone, and it won't cost you a penny!
  4. You might want to stay more than a week if possible! Trust us when we say: you will want to stay once you've tasted what this incredible country has to offer!

Cheapest Flight to Singapore From the UK

If you're looking for the cheapest flight to Singapore, check out Turkish Airlines. You can book this airline with Emenac Travel.

Emenac Travel offers a wide selection of flights to Singapore, with great deals on flights through every major airline. With our help, you can book the cheapest flight to Singapore from the UK at reasonable prices.

Flights to Singapore - Cost

Whether or not you'll be able to find cheap flights to Singapore depends on what time of year you want to go. If it's off-season, plenty of deals are usually available for people looking for cheap flights. However, if it's during tourist season (which is pretty much all year round), then prices may go up because more people are travelling at the same time as you are.

But don’t worry; even after the hike, the airfare is reasonable.

Tips to get the cheapest flights possible

We know you want the best deal on a flight to Singapore, and we're here to help! Here are our top tips for finding a great deal:

  • Book your trip early. The earlier in advance you book, the more likely it is that you'll find a cheap flight.
  • Consider alternatives to flying direct. Sometimes, flying with one stopover can be cheaper than going straight through.
  • Be flexible on dates and times. Sometimes, shifting your departure or return by a day or two can make all the difference in getting a reasonable price!
  • Fly early in the morning or late at night: Flights between 6 AM and 10 AM are cheaper because there is less demand at that time of day.
  • Use Emenac Travel, where we show you how much money you can save by booking with us instead of going directly through an airline.

Purchase a ticket from London to Singapore and travel in greater comfort

If you've been dreaming of a trip to Singapore, now is the time to make it happen. With Emenac's affordable flights to Singapore, there's no reason not to make your travel plans.

You can travel in greater comfort.


When is the cheapest season to fly to Singapore?

The best time to fly to Singapore is in the fall when you can expect excellent weather and lower costs.

How do I find the cheapest dates to fly?

The best way to find the cheapest dates for your flight is to use our search engine.

You can search for specific airports or look at various destinations and dates. That way, you can make an informed decision about what date will save you the most money!

How long is the flight to Singapore from the UK?

The flight time between the UK and Singapore is approximately 13 hours.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

You can get from Singapore airport to the city centre by taxi or shuttle bus. If you choose a taxi, make sure to get an air-conditioned one.

How popular are flights to Singapore this year?

Singapore is one of the most popular destinations in Asia. It's a wonderfully diverse city with plenty of things to see and do.

We're thrilled to tell you that flights to Singapore this year are on track to be just as popular as ever!

Is a visa required to visit Singapore?

For British citizens, a visa is not required to visit Singapore for up to three months.

What is the total distance between Singapore and the UK?

The distance between Singapore and the UK is approximately 6810 miles.

How can I find a one-way or round-trip flight to Singapore on a tight budget?

With Emenac Travel. We know it can be hard to find a one-way or round-trip flight to Singapore on a tight budget, but we're here to help!

Just enter your information into our search bar, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll show you all of the options available for your trip, including which airlines have the best deals and what routes are currently available. Once you've narrowed your search results, just pick the one that works best for you!

Where do I find local currency at the airport in Singapore?

The best place to find local currency at the airport in Singapore is at the exchange booth. You can find it near the baggage claim area, and it's open 24 hours a day.

If my flight to Singapore gets cancelled, would I receive a refund?

If your flight to Singapore gets cancelled, you can rest assured that you'll receive a refund.

We're committed to ensuring our customers are taken care of in the event of any unexpected change.

How much average luggage is allowed on flights?

The luggage allowance depends on the airline and the size of the aircraft.

But on average, it’s 30kg.

How does Emenac's flight price assist me in picking the best plane for my trip?

Emenac's flight price assists you in picking the best plane for your trip because it uses an algorithm that considers all of your preferences and needs, as well as the characteristics of each airline.

This gives you a clear picture of which airline will be best for your trip from a cost and comfort perspective.