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If you have ever travelled on an aeroplane, you might know the multiple flight classes different airlines offer. The type of treatment you will get on your journey is majorly dependent on the flight class you choose, along with the distance of your journey. The more you are willing to pay for your flight, the better services and seating you will receive during your journey.

Usually, most airlines have three or four flight classes, but every airline has different policies and regulations. Airlines offering the number of classes is also dependent on the cabin configuration. Moreover, every flight class differs in the quality of services and the comfort and luxury they will provide. You will have to choose the class considering your budget and destination.

We have provided adequate detail about various flight classes so you can make the right decision for your journey.

Types of Airlines Classes

Let’s discuss each type under different headings to get a clear understanding.

Economy Class

If you want cheap flights to your destination, it can’t get cheaper than economy class. This flight class will give you standard seats and limited meals during your journey. The basic accommodations and services offered in economy class depending on the flight duration and distance. Moreover, there are no special perks or services for economy-class passengers.

Economy class flights vary from airline to airline. Some standard services you get from one airline may be available in another. Most airlines offer economy class, but on some flights of particular airlines, there are only other classes or premium economy class. 

Moreover, if you are travelling on a cheap airline, you might not get any free meals during your flight, no matter how long your flight is. At the same time, traditional airlines like KLM and Lufthansa offer free snacks, drinks, and a meal or more, depending on the flight distance.

Premium Economy Class

Premium economy class is a slightly better version of the economy class. Still, it is far from first class or business class. The major difference between the standard and premium economy classes is that the premium one has more seating space. Not only that, but it also has more items on the menu than the economy class.

Therefore, if you want more seating space while travelling and can’t afford the luxury of first class or business class, the premium economy class might be perfect for you. The in-flight service you will receive in premium economy class is very similar to that of economy class. You might receive some additional drinks and a better meal serving. Other than that, there are a few differences.

The ground service offered in premium economy class varies from airline to airline. Some airlines provide multiple perks related to ground service, while others charge additional fees. However, while booking premium economy class, make sure that you check business class fares too. Because sometimes, you can get discounted business class tickets at much better rates than the premium economy class.

Business Class

In most cases, business class flights are more expensive than economy class and premium economy class, thus offering more luxury and comfort. These flights are perfect for long-haul flights and will give you a memorable journey experience. The amenities and the standard of service that you will receive on a business-class flight depend on the duration of the flight and the airline.

The seats and space in business class flights are much more comfortable, which makes it perfect for the passengers to reach their destination well-rested. Most of these seats also have direct aisle access. The onboard service you receive on a business class flight is much better with one or multiple multi-course meals. You also get a variety of liquor, wine, and soft drinks.

Moreover, you can access the priority check-in queues and a priority tag on your bag on business class flights. You can also save much time on immigration and security lines while travelling business class. Also, you will get to wait for your flight in the business class lounge, which is much more comfortable than the standard waiting lounge.

First Class

First-class flights are the most expensive ones among all the flight classes and are the most luxurious ones. These flight classes are costly, so most celebrities and extremely wealthy people prefer travelling first class. The seating on these flights is the most comfortable, and once you travel first class, you might not want to travel on any other flight. 

In addition, you get the most extravagant and luxurious services on a first-class flight. The seating space is vast, which gives you a lot of privacy. The in-flight services every first-class passenger receives are personalised, considering the limited seats. The meals and drinks range is extensive.

Moreover, first-class passengers have dedicated check-ins. First-class lounges are also more luxurious, with carte dining, exceptional sleeping rooms, and even massage rooms in some airlines.


What type of flight is the best?

As discussed above, the first-class flight is the best compared to all other flight classes. It is much more comfortable and has excellent services and perks. But to avail of the comfort and luxury, you must pay a hefty amount for the journey.

What flight is preferable if I want cheap flights?

It would help to get an economy-class flight to travel on a budget. It is the most affordable one and provides all the basic services. For additional services, you will have to pay extra charges.

Is business class better than the first class?

Business class is better than first class because it doesn’t offer you the private space or the additional extravagant services provided in the first class flights. But many people have started travelling through business class except for the first class.


Flight classes can be distinguished into various types, and you get what you pay for. The more you are willing to pay for your journey, the more comfortable and luxurious flight will be there for you. Many people fly on economy class flights because they fit perfectly into the budget, being the cheapest. But you can also get discounts on business-class flights; you must research and browse.