Cheap Flights to Italy

City Fares

Discovering the Beauty and Charm of Italy

Rome, the Eternal City, is one of the most visited places in Italy. It is a must-visit destination for history buffs and art enthusiasts because it is home to famous buildings like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Vatican.

Another city not to be missed is Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance. This picturesque city is home to some of the world's most famous art and architecture, including Michelangelo's David and Brunelleschi's Duomo.

Lastly, beachgoers adore the Amalfi Coast for its breathtaking cliffs and crystal-clear waves. And for those who love to ski, the Dolomites offer some of the best slopes in Europe.

Are you now daydreaming about the breathtaking Amalfi Coast? Your dreams can become a reality with Emenac Travel's amazing deals on flights to Italy! We've scanned the web to help you get the top prices on cheap flights to Italy. Therefore you can save your hard-earned cash for gelato, wine, and all the pasta you can eat.

Flights to Italy From the UK

Are you feeling overpowered by the number of possibilities for tickets from the UK to Italy? Emenac Travel is here to help you navigate the world of flights and find the perfect ticket for your needs.

  • Direct flight: Our direct flights to Italy are available from major UK airports, including London, Manchester, and Birmingham. So you can choose the departure point that's most convenient for you. Plus, with our direct flights, you can sip Aperitivos in Rome or explore the canals of Venice in no time.
  • Connecting flight: If you're looking for even more options for flights to Italy from the UK, why not consider connecting flights? Our team of experts can help you find the best-connecting flights to Italy from the UK, ensuring a smooth and stress-free travel experience.
  • Return flight ticket to Italy: Our cheap return flights to Italy are perfect for those who want to experience this incredible country on a budget. You can stay as long as you plan and explore Italy's stunning destinations at your own pace.
  • One-way flight ticket: What if you're unsure when to return from Italy? No problem. Emenac Travel also offers one-way tickets to Italy from the UK, allowing you to plan your holiday as you go. This solution is ideal for those who want to stay longer or are planning a multi-destination trip across Europe.

Factors Affecting Cost of Flights

Looking for cheap flights to Italy can be tricky, and the cost of flights can vary depending on several factors. Therefore, we have listed some of the critical factors that may affect the cost of your flight.

  • Time of Year: The time you choose to travel can significantly impact the cost of your flight to Italy. The winter months are likely the cheapest.
  • Distance: The distance between your departure airport and your destination in Italy can also impact the cost of your flight. For example, if you were to fly from London to Rome, you may find a cheaper flight than flying from Edinburgh to Palermo.
  • Airline: Low-cost airlines like Ryanair frequently offer cheaper flights than more established airlines.
  • Time of Booking: Booking your flights well in advance can often result in lower fares, while last-minute bookings can be more expensive.

Airlines Offering UK to Italy Flights

Things to Know Before Visiting Italy

Before you hop on your flight to Italy, you should know some things to make the most of your holiday.

Firstly, pack comfortable walking shoes - you'll be doing a lot of walking in Italy! And while we're packing, remember to bring a sweater or light jacket even if you're travelling in the summer. Italy's weather can be unpredictable, so it's always best to be prepared.

Moreover, when dining out, remember that many restaurants don't open until later - usually around 7 or 8 pm. Therefore don't be surprised if the restaurant is empty when you arrive at six o'clock!

Another thing to remember is that many tourist attractions in Italy require advanced reservations. This includes popular sites such as the Colosseum and Vatican Museums.

Lastly, be certain to have cash on hand. Although credit cards are commonly accepted in Italy, many local shops and restaurants only accept cash. And if you plan on using public transportation, such as buses or trains, you'll need to purchase tickets with cash.

Top Airports in Italy

Italy has some of the most beautiful airports in the world. So, flying into one of these stunning destinations is the perfect way to start your Italian adventure. The top Italian airports are listed below for your convenience.

  • Venice Marco Polo Airport
  • Milan Malpensa Airport
  • Rome Fiumicino Airport
  • Florence Airport

To Wrap Things Up

Once you've landed in Italy, enjoy your holiday by exploring all the country offers. And don't forget to immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions that make Italy a unique and unforgettable destination.

So start planning your holiday to Italy with Emenac Travel today and prepare for an unmatched experience. Your search for cheap flights from the UK to Italy should now be much easier.


How long is the flight to Italy from the UK?

The duration of flights from the UK to Italy can vary depending on the departure and arrival airports and the specific airline and flight route. A direct flight typically takes two and a half hours from London to Rome or Milan. In contrast, flights from other UK cities, such as Manchester or Edinburgh, may take slightly longer.

Is a visa required for Italy?

For short-term stays of up to 90 days in any 180 days, British nationals do not need to get a visa to enter Italy.

However, British citizens must ensure their passport is valid for their stay in Italy. It should also meet the requirements for entry into the Schengen Area. This also includes having a valid passport for at least six months after arrival.

How much of a time difference is present between Italy and the UK?

The UK is one hour behind Italy.

How far apart are Italy and the UK?

Italy and the UK are different distances depending on the cities you travel between. For example, the distance between London and Rome by plane is approximately 910 miles (1,464 kilometres).

How can I travel from Italy airports to the city centre?

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Car Rental

Where should I fly to Italy to see Lake Como?

Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP), 50 kilometres from Lake Como, is the closest airport. Another nearby airport is Milan Linate Airport (LIN), about 95 km away. Both airports offer train, bus, and taxi services to Lake Como.

When can you fly for the lowest price?

The cheapest season to fly to Italy is during the winter months of January and February and sometimes into March. This is considered the low season for tourism in Italy, so flights are often less expensive.

What is the cheapest flight to Italy?

The cheapest flight to Italy is from London Stansted (STN) to Milan Malpensa (MXP), costing only £35.

How to find the cheapest flights to Italy?

Our travel search engine is the best location to check for cheap flights to Italy. Specify your desired travel dates, and we'll handle the rest! We will find the cheapest flights to Italy from the UK that suit your preferences.

How much luggage can I bring on a flight?

The amount of luggage allowed on flights can vary depending on the airline and the type of ticket you purchased. Generally, most airlines allow passengers to check in 23kg for economy tickets and two 32kg bags for business class tickets.