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Saudi Arabia is a stunning destination with an exceptional history and unique culture. Being the birthplace is Islam, the country holds great significance for Muslims. Therefore, the Kingdom's diverse cultural heritage makes it a unique destination for many tourists. The country has some of the most stunning ancient ruins and natural sites. So, if you want to visit Saudi Arabia this year, we can help you avail of cheap flights to Saudi Arabia. Our experts know their way around the industry and will provide you with the best flight fares possible to your favourite destinations.

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Planning the journey and booking the right flights at the right time can be a lot for most people. Especially those who need to gain experience browsing through airlines and booking flights. But it is as important to plan the journey properly as it is to plan your time at the destination. Whether going for a work meeting or holiday, you must have a comfortable journey to ensure maximum productivity or enjoyment during your time in the region.

If you have little experience planning the journey or don't have the time to do it yourself, you must look for reliable travel agents. At Emenac Travel, we are known for providing the most affordable international flights from reliable and comfortable airlines. So, if you want budget-friendly flights to Saudi Arabia, we might be your guys. We offer tailored and customisable travel services to people all around the UK. We aim to ensure you experience the best journey and a memorable time at the destination.

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Why is Saudi Arabia Worth Visiting?

Since the introduction of the tourist visa in 2019, many tourists have visited the Kingdom to explore its striking landscapes, exceptional historical significance, hospitality, and rich cultural heritage. History is an integral element of this country. Whether they are the ancient towns of Al Balad in Jeddah or the oldest city in the Arab Peninsula, AlUlA, everything is rich in history and culture that entices tourists.

The entertainment, beauty, and tourism industry of the Kingdom is also rapidly growing, which is a major source of attraction for tourists. Many people who want to experience the diversity and culture of the Middle East love to visit Saudi Arabia, which serves the purpose of all its glory. Moreover, Saudi Arabia's economy also allows investors and business people to visit the country for work purposes and see its potential.

If you are a fan of deserts, you will surely love exploring Saudi Arabia. AlUla is the place no one wants to miss out on while they are in the Kingdom. This place has everything from stunning rock formations and ancient tombs to opportunities for multiple adventurous sports and ancient human civilisation. Moreover, traditional Saudi cuisine will help your taste buds have as good a time as you and your mind are having. Muslims majorly visit Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah, but those visiting for tourism will not have a dull day in this incredible Kingdom.

Why are Multi-Stop Flights Cheaper than Nonstop Flights?

Whenever you browse for flights to Saudi Arabia from the UK, you will come across two main types of flights. Nonstop flights take you directly from your nearest airport to the destination airport without any stops in between. You will be there at the destination at the approximate flight time that it takes to reach your departure country to your destination. Therefore, these flights are usually preferred by people in business or people travelling for work as they take little time.

On the other hand, multi-stop flights make one or multiple stops on the way to the destination. Thus on these flights, you must keep your journey time much more flexible. This is why many business people prefer going for something other than multi-stop flights. One of the biggest advantages of these flights is that they are much cheaper than nonstop flights. So, it is the best choice for budget travellers with flexible schedules.

Nonstop flights save you a lot of time which brings extra comfort. Therefore, you must pay extra for this comfort on your journey. But if you have a tight budget, you must get a multi-stop flight as it would save you a lot of money. In this case, you have to be flexible with your journey time and schedule your activities at the destination accordingly. Don’t think too much and start looking for cheap flights to Saudi Arabia to have a memorable time this year.

Which Airlines Provide Flights to Saudi Arabia from the UK?

Here are some airlines that fly to Saudi Arabia from the UK;

You can browse various airlines' flight schedules to see which will suit you the most at your desired departure time. Flight fares of every airline also vary. So, you will have to take your time to look through multiple airlines and choose the one with the ideal airfare for you. Many of the airlines mentioned above offer cheap flights to Saudi Arabia, making your budget travel much easier yet more comfortable.

When Should I Visit Saudi Arabia?

If you plan to visit Saudi Arabia for tourism, the ideal months to visit the Kingdom are November, December, January, and February. This is because the weather conditions are optimal during this time. Being a desert region, Saudi Arabia is usually very hot during summer. Therefore, the temperatures become mild and pleasant from November to February. So, to avoid the scorching summer heat, you must not visit the Kingdom from April till October.

People who visit Saudi Arabia for Umrah prefer going to the country during Ramadan because of the additional rewards. But Muslims from all over the world visit the Holy places all year round, and Kaaba is always full of people doing the Tawaf and asking for Almighty forgiveness and countless blessings.

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Is Saudi Arabia a good place for tourists?

Saudi Arabia is a safe and exciting place for tourists with a lot of thrilling activities to do. Tourists in the Kingdom can explore its ancient history, religious association, and rich, unique culture. Moreover, it has some of the most stunning natural sites, luxurious hotels, and malls that take the holiday experience up a notch.

What are the must-visit places in Saudi Arabia?

Some of the most recommended places to visit in Saudi Arabia include;

  1. Al-Masjid an Nabwi
  2. Kaaba
  3. Kingdom Centre Tower
  4. Great Mosque of Makkah
  5. Al-Balad
  6. Masjid Al-Quba
  7. King Fahd’s Fountain
  8. Edge of the World
  9. Mount Uhud
  10. Al Masmak Fortress

How can I get affordable business-class flights to Saudi Arabia?

Everyone wants to experience the luxury of business-class flights, but not everyone has the budget. Some ways will help you get cheap business-class flights to Saudi Arabia. You must browse various airlines and look for deals and discounts. Moreover, you can also fill the seats during the low-demand season or day to get the ideal airfare for a business class flight.

How many days must I visit Saudi Arabia?

On average, it is recommended that you must stay for at least 12 days in the Kingdom to have the whole Middle Eastern experience. During this time, you can explore various tourist attractions, thrilling entertainment activities, culture, and exceptional cuisine of Saudi Arabia.

Can I get a direct flight to Saudi Arabia from the United Kingdom?

You can easily get a direct or nonstop flight to the Kingdom from the UK. You can browse the flight schedules of British Airways and Saudia Airlines to get a direct flight to the country.

Will I need a visa to travel to Saudi Arabia from the UK?

You must have a tourist or Umrah visa to travel to Saudi Arabia as a UK citizen.