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The United Arab Emirates is the perfect amalgamation of the traditional religious culture of the seven emirates and unforgettable modernity. The country has a lot to offer to its tourists and natives, which makes it a hot destination on everyone's list. If you want to go to UAE, Emenac Travel can help you find cheap flights to UAE from the UK. Whether on holiday or for a work meeting, we have covered you with the best flight packages.

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The highly rising economy of the country and stability welcomes many business people to come for work purposes. Also, cities like Dubai have promoted tourism so efficiently that people added it to their destinations-to-visit lists. We can arrange the most affordable flights no matter why you want to go to the country.

We at Emenac Travel have many cost-effective, comfortable, and reliable UK to UAE flights. Having years of experience offering cheap flights to the UAE, we promise to bring the best offers to our customers. Contact us now and book your tickets to make a memorable trip to UAE.

About United Arab Emirates

UAE is full of surprises, and its place in the tourism and business departments cannot be denied. It is the world’s third wealthiest country. The United Arab Emirates consists of seven, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al-Quwain, Ajman, and Sharjah. Abu Dhabi is the country’s capital city and the richest one among all seven emirates.

Moreover, it is full of history that intrigues many people. Its political stability and cultural and religious forbearing people welcome everyone with wide smiles and warm hearts. This is one of the reasons why you can see such diversity in the United Arab Emirates. It is an excellent holiday destination to give your body and soul peace.

Whether you want to go for a wild adventure in the desert or have retail therapy, UAE has it all. In addition, you need help finding the perfect mix of tradition, local culture, and cosmopolitan city as the UAE offers. So, if any of it excites you, it is time that you start looking for flights to UAE from the UK.

Tips to get the Cheapest Flights to the United Arab Emirates

When travelling on a budget, finding ways to keep the tickets cheaper is necessary. Browsing various airlines and travel agencies is the best way to get the most affordable flight fares. The flight charges might also vary depending on the flight destination that you want to land on. If you want cheap flights to UAE, you must book the flight at least three weeks before flying to UAE.

Moreover, when you are on a budget, it is usually suggested to travel during the less-in-demand months. Many people go to UAE in January, November, and December. But you can visit it any time, no matter what season. If you are browsing for cheap flights to UAE, consider planning your journey in the off-season. March is considered the most less-in-demand month to travel to UAE, so airplane fares are cheaper.

Direct and Multi-Stop Flights to UAE from the UK

You can easily get cheap flights to UAE from London. Some airlines providing direct flights to UAE from the UK include;

If you don't want to catch direct flights to the United Arab Emirates, you can also get multi-stop flights. These flights are not only usually cheaper than direct flights but also give you a chance to explore different cities. Some airlines offer single-stop and multi-stop flights from the UK to UAE.

Top Tourist Sites and Activities to do in the United Arab Emirates

UAE is known for its magnificence and uniqueness. This country has everything from splendid buildings and exceptional international cuisine to adventurous activities and diverse culture. If you want to visit a peaceful yet thrilling country for holidays, visit UAE. Here is a list of the UAE's widely visited sites and activities.

1. Beaches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

UAE is known for its stunning beaches located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you love beaches and luxury beach resorts, there might be no better place than UAE. These beaches offer shopping opportunities, sightseeing, and many more family-oriented activities.

2. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is known as the world’s tallest building and is widely visited by its natives and tourists. Its observation deck provides an exceptional panoramic view of the whole of Dubai. This is surely a masterpiece of architecture and modern engineering, so people come to see it worldwide.

3. Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed mosque in Abu Dhabi is an ensemble of beautiful, modern structures. The traditional craftsmanship of this mosque is perfectly combined with the contemporary design that leaves everyone awe-struck. What makes this mosque unique is its blended design from various mosques of the Islamic empire.

4. Desert Landscapes

UAE’s deserts might be the perfect option for anyone looking for a little adventure in this peaceful country. These deserts have a lot of adventurous activities, including sandboarding, desert camp dinner, 4WD dune journey, and camel rides. You can also go for wildlife spotting with the professionals in these deserts.

International Airports in UAE

UAE has numerous international airports with stunning architecture and high-quality facilities. All of these airports are secure and provide top-tier services to their passengers. Most of these airports also contain many entertainment facilities to make the stay at the airport more interesting and fun.

Most international airports in the UAE offer basic facilities: prayer rooms, baggage storage, business centres, cafeterias, ATMs and banking, baby care facilities, and much more.

The international airports in UAE are;

  • Dubai International Airport
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Al Ain International Airport
  • Sharjah International Airport
  • Ras Al Khaimah International Airport
  • Al Maktoum International Airport
  • Fujairah International Airport
  • Al Bateen Executive Airport

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Do UAE, its offerings, and its people intrigue you? If so, it is time to plan a journey toward this spectacular country, even if you have a tight budget. We at Emenac Travel can help you find cheap flights to UAE, so you don't have to break the bank for holidays this year. Our goal is to make our customers' journey easier and more comfortable. Therefore, we provide cheap flights to the United Arab Emirates from the most reliable airlines.

With us, you will get comfort and affordability all in one on a cost-effective flight. We have always provided quality services as one of the UK's best travel agencies. So, we assure you that once you have trusted us, you can have a peaceful journey. We will get you cheap emirates flights from the best airlines, whether you want direct flights or multi-stop flights.


Why do people want to visit the UAE?

UAE is a rapidly developing country with Dubai, attracting millions of tourists annually. UAE is an extravagant country with unique locations, tall buildings, popular shopping malls, and international restaurants. It is also religious and culturally diverse, so many people want to visit it.

Can British citizens go visa-free to UAE?

British citizens do not need an advance application to travel to UAE. They will have a stamped passport once they pass any international UAE airports through immigration. With this stamped passport, British passport holders can stay in UAE for 30 days and 10 grace days.

What airlines provide direct flights from the UK to Dubai?

Etihad Airways and British Airways offer direct flights to UAE from the United Kingdom. You can easily get cheap flights to UAE through these airlines.

How popular are flights to the United Arab Emirates this year?

UAE has done a great job promoting travel and tourism, becoming a must-visit destination for many people. With its increasing popularity, flights to the UAE have been increasing every year. And there will be quite a rush on UAE flights this year due to increased tourism publicity.

How long does an average UK to UAE flight take?

The average flight from London to UAE is 7 hours and 3 minutes. This time can vary depending on your place of departure and landing. Moreover, various other factors affect the flight durations, too, so you can expect it to land a little early or a little late.

When is the cheapest season to fly to the UAE from London?

Off-seasons are usually the cheapest, making March the month to fly from London to UAE. Also, you can get cheaper tickets in the evening, while morning tickets can be a little costly.

What makes UAE a better destination than other countries?

UAE has diversity, economic and political stability, dynamicity, and modern infrastructure. In addition to that, its rich history and fused culture and traditions make it a lot more interesting. The lifestyle in UAE is also of higher quality, representing every place you visit and every activity you do in the country.

Is UAE secure?

UAE is undoubtedly secure. Its ranking as one of the world’s most secure countries is greatly favoured by the nation’s continuous efforts. The country has taken measures to combat extremist activities, terrorism, and all the other negative aspects. Its economic stability also makes it safer. Many people are even considering shifting to UAE because of the high quality of life and security.