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Mexico has a lot of history and culture and several popular tourist attractions. You can see ancient cities like the Mayan and Aztec ruins, which are thousands of years old. Moreover, if you like beaches, the country has beautiful ones on the Pacific Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. They're perfect for relaxing or having fun. There are also colourful towns like Oaxaca and Guanajuato. They have their traditions and delicious food to try. Mexico has different landscapes, from Chiapas jungles to Baja California dry deserts. So, whether you want to swim in clear water, visit famous ruins, or enjoy the exciting nightlife, Mexico has something unique for everyone to experience.

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All About Flights to Mexico

Planning a visit to Mexico is exciting, and knowing what to do from start to finish can make your journey even easier. So, here's everything you need to understand about flights to Mexico.

Choose Your Mexican Destination

Firstly, choose which city or area you want to visit. Look into different options to find the one that matches your interests—whether it's exploring history, relaxing on beaches, or trying local food and nightlife.

Visit Emenac Travel

Once you decide where you want to go, visit our website. It's easy to use and helps you find the best flight from the UK to Mexico. Just type all the required information into the search engine and hit search. You can see different flight choices, like direct flights or cheaper ones that might have a stop along the way. Look at the prices and times to book the flight that works best for you.

Plan Your Activities

Once you've booked your flight, it's time to plan your visit. Look up the best things to see, local events, and places to eat in the city you're visiting. Making a detailed plan will ensure you have a fantastic time in Mexico.

Pack for Your Journey

Packing smart is really important for a good experience. Firstly, write down everything you need, like your passport, the right clothes, toiletries, and any medicine you need. When you pack, consider the weather according to the time of visit—bring light and cool clothes for the beach and comfortable shoes for walking around.

Prepare for the Airport

Lastly, on the day of your flight, make sure you get to the airport early. Check in your luggage, go through security, and take it easy before your flight leaves. Use the time on the plane to review your travel plans, read about where you're going, or relax and prepare for your adventure.

Airlines for Flights to Mexico From the UK

Flights to Mexico From London

Picking flights from London to Mexico has many benefits that make travelling easier. London has some of the busiest and most well-connected airports globally, like Heathrow (LHR), Gatwick (LGW), and London City Airport (LCY). These airports offer many flight choices, making them flexible and convenient for travellers.

Exclusive Options

Heathrow Airport is one of the biggest and best-connected airports in the world. It has lots of flights to Mexico for you to choose from. Airlines like British Airways and Aeromexico fly to Mexico from here directly, making your journey fast and easy.

Top-Notch Service

Moreover, London's airports have excellent facilities and services to make your travel better. They make it easy for you to check in and have nice places to relax before your flight. You can enjoy duty-free shops and choose from many different places to eat to ensure you have everything you want before you get on your plane.

Competitive Prices

Because many airlines compete in London, you can often find good prices and special offers. This means you have more chances to get cheap flights to Mexico that are still good in terms of quality and convenience.

Easy Access

London's airports have good connections to the city and other places. You can choose from trains, buses, or taxis to get to your departure point quickly. Whether you live in London or elsewhere in the UK, these great transport options make your London to Mexico flights much easier.

Why Choose Direct Flights to Mexico

Choosing nonstop flights to Mexico is a great idea for several important reasons. Firstly, nonstop flights are super convenient. They cut out layovers, which means you spend less time travelling. That means you get to Mexico quicker and with less stress, especially if you're travelling with family or have a busy schedule.

Moreover, direct flights usually make travel more comfortable. You don't have to switch planes, so you won't have to deal with possible delays or luggage issues. This is helpful for people travelling for work or with very tight schedules. It means you can get to Mexico on time and be all set to enjoy without worrying about delays.

Lastly, picking direct flights can save you money, too. Even though they seem pricier at first, you can spend less overall because you won't have to pay for extra things like meals, more travel, or places to stay during a layover. So, overall, direct flights can be cheaper.


How long does it take to fly to Mexico from London?

The flight time from London to Mexico is between 10 hours and 30 minutes and 11 hours and 35 minutes. The duration depends on the destination city.

When should I book to get the cheapest flights to Mexico?

September to November and February to April, except for Easter holidays, are considered off-peak seasons in Mexico. So, these months are the best to get cheap flights.

Do citizens of the UK need a visa to fly to Mexico?

No, UK nationals can visit Mexico for tourism purposes without a visa.

Where can I land in Mexico with Emenac Travel?

We offer flights to Mexico City, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Veracruz in Mexico.

How much are flights to Mexico with Emenac?

Our flights to Mexico from the UK start from as low as £482.

Which month has the best weather in Mexico?

December to April have the best weather when it's dry and the temperatures are not too high.

Which airline has the cheapest flights to Mexico?

With Emenac Travel, you can find the cheapest flight tickets to Mexico with Delta Airlines.

What forms of transport are popular in Mexico?

The bus network in Mexico is excellent for exploring and travelling around. In fact, it is the most popular form of transportation used by locals.