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Enjoy an Incredible South Pacific Getaway with Cheap Flights to Fiji

Fiji consists of stunning and blissful islands that are the top-of-the-list destination of many people. It is an exceptionally exotic island country that offers adventure and luxury. Fiji has everything from sparkling water and beautiful beaches to luxurious resorts. So, if you plan to travel to Fiji this year on a budget, we can surely help you. At Emenac Travel, we provide our customers with cheap flights to Fiji to make your journey much more budget-friendly.

Fly to Fiji through the Most Affordable Flights

Affordability is a very important thing to consider when planning a journey. You cannot overspend on a flight when visiting the destination. This is because you must save some money for the best part, the destination. You can participate in more activities in the destination and do more shopping. Who wouldn’t love that? If you are worried that a visit to Fiji might mess up your budget, it is time that you contact us.

With our thirst for exploration and great knowledge about the travel industry, we ensure our customers don't have to worry about it while travelling. We offer cheap flights to Fiji from the UK. Therefore, you can handle everything regarding travelling to your favourite destination on a budget. We have perfectly tailored flights for you considering your interests and preferences. So, contact us now and forget about the annoying flight booking phase.

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Why is Fiji such a Popular Tourist Destination?

Fiji is one of the most widely visited South Pacific destinations, with exotic and luxurious offerings for its tourists. As soon as you enter the country of islands, you will immediately sense the friendliness and the warm vibe in the air. Bula is a famous Fiji greeting that is full of joy and perfectly represents the culture and traditions of the region.

Moreover, it is because of the warm, friendly vibe of the islands that make it perfect for families. Various family resorts and islands will surely intrigue the families travelling together. Also, Fiji is known for its scenic beauty and excellent scuba diving experience. Shark diving is something that tourists going to Fiji get fascinated about. The stunning blue sea is also full of bright, beautiful fishes and corals that will surely be a sight for sore eyes.

In addition, snorkelling is also something that the incredible country is known for. Many local tour planners arrange various snorkelling tours around the islands. These tours mostly consist of a cruise out, lunch, and other interesting activities tourists want to attend. Also, to know more about the Fijian culture and traditions, you must visit the 'Fiji Culture Village. This is not it. This region is full of exciting things that will enable you to fall in love with the place at first sight. So, plan a trip to Fiji now with cheap flights to Fiji.

What is the Most Cost-Effective Time to Visit Fiji?

It would help to keep your departure time flexible when looking for cheap Fiji flights. Flight fares are usually higher during the peak season. The flight fares, activities, accommodations, and transport are more expensive during the high-demand season.

So, if you want to keep your visit budget-friendly, it is suggested that you plan your journey during the less demanded months or seasons. Many tourists visit Fiji during its dry season, which is in the months of June, July, August, and September. Therefore, the flight fares during this time will be higher.

So, if you are looking for the cheapest time to visit Fiji, you must plan your visit for February and March. Airlines, tour operators, and resorts offer the most attractive deals this season to get extra income from the low-demand season. Therefore, to benefit from all these deals, you must plan your visit to Fiji during this time. High possibilities are that you will get cheap flights to Fiji in these months easily.

International Flight Destinations in Fiji

If browsing through Fiji flights, you must know where you will land. Here is a list of the international flight destinations in Fiji.

  • Nadi International Airport
  • Outer Island Airports
  • Nausori International Airport

Are Direct Flights Cheaper than Nonstop Flights?

As evident from their name, nonstop flights are the flights that fly directly from one airport to the destination airport. In these types of flights, there is no stop or stops at any additional airports. As nonstop flights are more convenient, comfortable, and time-saving, they are expensive too. Nonstop flights are approximately 20% more expensive than direct flights. In the case of direct flights, the flight might make one or multiple stops at various airports on the way to the destination.

So, nonstop flights are usually preferred by people who travel to the destination for work purposes. This is because they have a stricter schedule and need help to afford to spend additional time on the journey. These flights have no unexpected stops, and the passengers will reach their destination in time. But you will surely have to pay extra for comfort and convenience.

Whereas on direct flights, it is a little different. Many people need clarification on nonstop flights with direct flights, but knowing they are different is important. Even though you don’t have to change a plane on direct flights, the plane makes certain stops. There will be stops for refuelling, picking up and dropping off passengers at various airports. Therefore, these flights take an hour or two longer than nonstop flights. But they are a great choice if you want to keep the journey budget-friendly. So, if you are looking for cheap flights to Fiji, you must prefer direct flights over nonstop flights.

Why Should You Choose Emenac Travel?

Emenac Travel is a recognised brand that has served citizens of the UK for many years with the highest standard of services. We aim to provide our customers with the most affordable UK to Fiji flights at their desired departure times. But if you need clarification about why you should choose us to plan your journey, here are some reasons to ponder.

Years of Experience

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You will surely get the most authentic travelling experience with us. We tailor our services and deals according to our customer’s requirements. Therefore, you must not worry about your requirements; our team will listen carefully. We will surely provide you with the ideal deals and experiences at the most affordable cost.


Emenac Travel is known to provide customer-centric services. Our goal is to make our customers happy no matter what. Therefore, our team works hard to get cost-effective flight fares to your favourite destinations. We want you to experience the beautiful experience of travelling the world. So, if you want a reliable company to help you get cheap flights to Fiji, we might be your guys.

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When does the rainy season start in Fiji?

Fiji has moderate to heavy levels of rain during its rainy or wet season. This season usually starts in November and lasts till April. Movements of the South Pacific Convergence Zone have much to do with this season. Therefore, only a few tourists visit the region during this season.

Will I need a visa to visit Fiji?

People with a British passport don't need a visa to enter and stay in the country of islands for a maximum of four months. But you must have a return ticket and a valid visa for the next place you will visit. For a business trip, you will get a visa for 21 days only. This is referred to as the Business Visitor Permit.

What is Fiji famous for?

Fiji is known in the world as home to beautiful pacific islands. Various massive and stunning popular islands of Fiji include Viti Levu Islands and Vanua Levu. Moreover, the country of islands is also greatly recognised for its exceptionally loving and friendly people. Fijian culture is also unique and charming and focuses on being warm and friendly to each other.

Which airlines fly to Fiji from the UK?

You can easily get cheap flights to Fiji. Some airlines that offer flights to Fiji from the UK include Qantas, Singapore Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, and Emirates.

How long does it take to travel to Fiji from the UK?

Travelling to Fiji from the UK will take 24 hours and 30 minutes on the estimate. This time duration can vary depending on various factors, including weather conditions and other hindrances.