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Explore the Attractions of Calgary

Calgary is a lively city in the heart of Alberta, Canada. It's full of energy and outdoor adventure. Surrounded by the breathtaking Canadian Rockies, Calgary gives you a mix of city life and wild nature. There's enough to enjoy, and the locals are kind. You can explore the beautiful Banff and Jasper National Parks or learn about the rich culture at the Glenbow Museum or Calgary Stampede. So, whether you love adventure, culture, or food, Calgary has something for you. It is a place that you will long to revisit.

So, if you're trying to find flights to Calgary, Emenac Travel is the way to go. We have many different airlines and departure points to choose from so you can find the best flight for your budget and schedule. Whether you're leaving from London, Manchester, or another UK city, our website is easy to use. It helps you compare prices to get the most affordable flight to Calgary.

Why Book Flights to Calgary From the UK With Emenac

If you want flights to Calgary from the UK, Emenac Travel is here to help. We make booking super easy and stress-free. Consider us as your trusted partner in turning your Calgary dreams into reality.

ATOL Protection

When you book your flights to Calgary with Emenac, you can relax knowing your flight is protected by ATOL (Air Travel Organiser's Licence). If something unexpected happens, your flight bookings and money are safe, so you don't need to worry.

Exclusive Deals

At Emenac Travel, we're all about giving you great deals when you book UK to Calgary flights. Whether you book at the last minute or plan ahead, we've got you covered. We search the entire web for the best offers to help you save on travel.

Easy Booking

Forget confusing ways to book your flight, and hello to easy booking with Emenac Travel. Because our website is simple to use, it is quick to find, compare, and book flights to Calgary. It only takes a few clicks to get your tickets and start looking forward to your journey.

Smart Search Engine

Moreover, our smart search engine makes it easy to find the perfect flights to Calgary. You can use advanced filters to pick flights that match what you want, like which airline you prefer or whether you want a direct or connecting flight. Therefore, you can choose flights that match your preferences and schedules, which saves you time and makes the process effortless.

Expert Customer Support

Lastly, if you need assistance or have questions about your booking, our travel experts are always available to help you out. They can assist with anything from understanding travel regulations to changing travel plans. So, contact us; we'll be pleased to help.

London to Calgary Flights

Travelling from London to Calgary is simpler than ever, thanks to many flight choices that fit everyone's needs. London has multiple airports, such as Heathrow and Gatwick, so you can pick the one closest to you that matches your preferences.

Airport Connectivity

London's airports make it easy to get to Calgary. Many airlines have flights to Calgary, either directly or with a stopover. Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest in the world, is a hub for flights worldwide. You can fly to Calgary from Heathrow with airlines like WestJet, British Airways, and Air Canada. Gatwick Airport also has many flight choices to Calgary, giving travellers different options for their journey.

Airline Choices

Flights to Calgary from London mean you've got plenty of choices for which airline to pick. From flag carriers to leading low-cost carriers, passengers can enjoy different fares without compromising quality or service. With so many airlines, you can find the one that best suits your travel needs and budget.

Competitive Prices

As the demand for flights to Calgary from London is high, airlines constantly compete among themselves. This competition means airlines reduce their prices to attract more customers. So you can benefit from this and save money on your flight to Calgary.

Airlines for Cheap Flights to Calgary

Return or One-Way Flights to Calgary, Canada

When you're getting ready to fly to Calgary, you must decide whether you want a return or a one-way ticket. Depending on your travel plans and preferences, both choices have advantages.


If you want a simple and worry-free travel plan, booking return flights to Calgary is the best choice. A return ticket means arranging everything at once to avoid worrying about it afterwards. This means you can spend your time enjoying Calgary without any hassle. Also, returning with the same airline may save you money and make booking easier. So, whether you're going for a quick visit or a longer stay, a round-trip flight gives you a definite date to return home, which is excellent if you have specific travel dates.


On the other hand, choosing a one-way flight to Calgary gives you a lot of freedom. You can decide when and where to go without worrying about a fixed return date. This is great for people who like to travel around or aren't sure when they'll be coming back. It's especially useful for adventurous and spontaneous travellers. And if you want, you can always decide on a return flight later, keeping your travel plans flexible and exciting.


Are WestJet flights to Calgary direct from the UK?

Yes, the airline offers direct flights to Calgary from the UK.

Can you find last-minute flights to Calgary with Emenac?

Yes, we understand that sometimes plans are made spontaneously. That's why we have a range of last-minute flights to Calgary available from the UK.

How long are flights from London to Calgary?

Flying directly from London to Calgary takes eight hours and fifty minutes.

What is the most popular airport in Calgary?

The major airport serving the area is Calgary International Airport (YYC)

Which month is the least expensive to visit Calgary?

The best months for cheap flights are from January to March.

What is the price of an Emenac return ticket to Calgary?

A return flight to Calgary starts from as low as £643 with Emenac.

How much luggage is allowed on a flight to Calgary from the UK?

You can bring at least one piece of 23 kg on most flights. However, depending on the airline and travel class, the allowance can be up to three pieces of 32 kg.

What are the emergency numbers in Calgary?

The emergency number for health and safety is 911.