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If you’re getting ready for a trip with Virgin Atlantic and wondering how much stuff you can pack, you’re in the right spot! This super guide will tell you all about Virgin Atlantic’s luggage rules. Knowing these rules is important whether you’re a pro at travelling or if this is your first adventure. 

So, let’s get started and break the Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance step by step!

But Before You Pack:

Checklist for Virgin Atlantic Baggage

First things first, before you start tossing clothes and gadgets into your suitcase, you should consider a few things. It’s like making a checklist before heading out on an exciting journey.

Ticket Type

Your ticket type will decide how much luggage you can bring. It’s like the key to unlocking your baggage allowance.


Believe it or not, where you’re flying to also matters. Some places have different rules, so it’s important to check.

Class of Travel

If you’re travelling in style, like in Premium or Upper Class, you usually get more baggage space. It’s like an extra treat for flying fancy!

Here’s Why Baggage Allowance Matters

This is important because it affects your travel adventure. When you go on a trip, whether it’s to a sunny beach or for some serious business stuff, it’s super important to know how much stuff you can take with you on the plane. Why? Knowing the baggage rules can make your journey smoother and save you from unexpected problems and extra costs. 

Imagine you’re all set for your exciting vacation, but at the airport, you find out you’ve packed too much and must pay extra fees. That’s a total bummer, right? So, understanding these rules is like having a secret weapon to make your travel more enjoyable.

Hand Baggage: What You Can Carry Onboard

Virgin Atlantic Hand Baggage Allowance

Hand baggage also called carry-on luggage, is the stuff you take onboard and keep with you during the flight. 

Dimensions and Weight Limits

Virgin Atlantic has some specific rules for hand baggage. Your bag should be no bigger than 23 x 36 x 56 cm and weigh less than 10 kg (around 22 lbs). Imagine a small backpack or a little rolling suitcase. That’s the size we’re talking about.

What You Can Bring

Bring laptops, cameras, books, and a small purse or wallet. But wait, there’s a catch! You must follow the airline’s rules for liquids, gels, and sharp objects. They want to keep everyone safe, after all.

Special Considerations

Now, if you’re flying with a baby, there are special allowances. Bring baby food, milk, and other essentials in your hand baggage. Virgin Atlantic understands that taking care of little ones is a top priority.

Checked Baggage: Packing for the Hold

Virgin Atlantic Checked Baggage

The luggage you pack for the plane’s cargo hold is your checked baggage. How much you can bring and how heavy it can be depends on your ticket type.

Economy Class

If you’re flying in Economy Class, you can usually bring one checked bag. But here’s the twist: the weight limit can vary. It might be anywhere from 23 kg (about 50 lbs) to 35 kg (around 77 lbs). The exact weight limit depends on the type of fare you purchased. So, check your ticket to be sure.

Premium and Upper-Class

Now, if you’re living high in the Premium or Upper Class, you’re in luck! These passengers often get more baggage freedom. You might be able to bring two or even three checked bags, and the weight limit is usually higher.

Special Considerations

And here’s something important. If you’re travelling with kids, the rules for their baggage allowance might be different. It’s a good idea to double-check this with Virgin Atlantic when you book your flight. They’ll make sure you know exactly what to expect.

Extra Baggage: Everything You Need To Know

Virgin Atlantic Extra Baggage

Let’s dive into everything you need to know about extra baggage with Virgin Atlantic:

Going Over Your Allowance

Sometimes, you might have more stuff to pack than what’s allowed in your regular baggage. No worries, Virgin Atlantic has a solution! You can buy an extra baggage allowance if you need it.

Online vs. Airport Purchase

Here’s a money-saving tip: Getting that extra baggage online before your flight is usually cheaper than doing it at the airport. So, if you know you’ll need more space, plan ahead and save some cash.

Be Mindful of Weight

Virgin Atlantic baggage weight limits

Even with extra baggage, there are weight limits for each bag. Ensure your bags don’t weigh more than these limits to avoid paying extra charges.

Sports Equipment

If you’re a sports enthusiast, Virgin Atlantic has you covered. They accept sports gear like golf clubs, surfboards, and bicycles. But here’s the catch; these items often need special handling and might come with an extra fee. When travelling with sports gear, it’s important to inform Virgin Atlantic in advance. 

They can guide you on packing it properly and fill you in on any fees that might pop up.

Restricted Items

Let’s talk about things you can’t bring onboard, like knives, firearms, and explosives. Virgin Atlantic has a list of restricted items you should check to avoid any issues during security checks.

Liquids and Gels

Remember the 100ml (about 3.4 ounces) rule for liquids and gels in your hand baggage. Anything larger than that has to go in your checked luggage.

So, being informed about Virgin Atlantic’s rules and options will make your journey smoother, whether you’re bringing extra stuff, sports gear, or everyday items.

Packing Tips: Maximizing Your Space

Baggage Packing Tips

Now that you know the baggage rules, let’s explore some packing tips to help you make the most of your allowance.

Roll, Don’t Fold

Instead of folding your clothes, roll them up like a pro. This not only saves space but also keeps your clothes wrinkle-free. It’s a simple yet effective way to maximize your luggage room.

Use Packing Cubes

Think of packing cubes as your secret weapon for staying organized. These nifty helpers allow you to separate and compress your clothes, making it a breeze to fit everything you need neatly.

Leave Room for Souvenirs

Planning to bring back cool souvenirs from your trip? Be smart and leave some space in your suitcase. Avoid the last-minute stress of trying to squeeze in those awesome goodies.

Weigh Your Bags

Here’s a pro tip: Invest in a portable luggage scale. It’s a small expense that can save you from nasty surprises at the airport, like excess baggage fees. Weigh your bags before you leave home to make sure you’re good to go.

Summary: Your Virgin Atlantic Baggage Cheat Sheet

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Cheat Sheet

Let’s sum it all up in a handy cheat sheet for quick reference:

Hand Baggage

Dimensions23 x 36 x 56 cm
Weight Limit10 kg (22 lbs)
What You Can BringElectronics, books, and small personal items.

Checked Baggage

Economy ClassTypically, one bag with weight limits that depend on your fare type
Premium and Upper ClassTwo or more bags with higher weight limits. 
Special ConsiderationsSpecial rules for travelling with children may apply.

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Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, it’s essential to understand the rules and plan your packing to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable journey. So, whether you’re about to explore a new city or heading back home after an exciting adventure, maximising your baggage allowance is the key to a stress-free travel experience with Virgin Atlantic. Have a safe and fantastic trip!